Waterproof Volume Up Mascara



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The secret to your perfect beach day summer look.

Long-lasting Waterproof Mascara

Contain Waterproof repellent elementsthat are widely used by cosmetic products and are proven to be safe for skin. Perfect for swim days. humid environments. and sad movies marathon. Smudge-proof!

Silicone Brush Head

Different from the traditional nylon brush. a silicone brush is a more durable and better choice for mascara as it allows mascara to preserve its qualities for longer. It does not collect too many impurities. toxins. bacteria. and does not deform while being washed.

Easily transfer mascara to your lashes that create volume.

Constantly Fresh Lightweight Formula

Our satin. slightly powdery-formulated mascara can slower the oxygenized process and prevent it from thicker in a short period of time. It keeps coating lashes evenly for precise makeup.

We strive for a less waxy compositionthat does not dehydrate your lashes with time by keeping them light-weighted. Say goodbye to greasy sticky mascara.

Product Specifications

Net Volume: 10ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Component: Chamomile / Beeswax

Product Weight: 26g

Product Size: 12×1.5cm

Package Included: 1x Waterproof Volume Up Mascara

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Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


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Waterproof Volume Up Mascara