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Make Your Tile Floor Good As New

Tile is beautiful. sure. but it has a widely known dark side. grout. Dark side literally here. as in discolored and gross from grime and dirt getting trapped deep within its layers. Much like cleaning behind the toilet. cleaning grout often feels like a job you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. And yet that dirty grime and dirt sandwiched between your tiles eventually gets embarrassing enough that you commit to getting rid of it whatever it takes.

Completely transform your tile grout with the Waterproof Tile Marker Repair Pen. a safe and simple solution that lets you clean up grubby grout without the hassle. A miracle tool contained in a convenient pen. it perfectly fills old. dirty grout with a clean. opaque recolor. Simply pump the pen until the ink starts flowing through the nib and get to coloring! It’s widely applicable to tiled areas.

It is a non-toxic and safe re-grouting solution that is designed for average homeowners with little to no experience in grout restoration. It has a precision-engineered pen nib which locks into position and flows the grout solution smoothly. allowing for continuous and uninterrupted application – thus resulting in cleaner lines that are just overall neat and rival the works of professional contractors.


  • Easy to Use – Just shake the pen. press the pen tip and then apply it down to any surface.
  • Perfect Recolor – Perfectly fills old. dirty grout with an opaque recolor. giving it a new. clean look.
  • Cost-saving – No need to ask for any repairman services nor buy new tile replacement. With this grout pen. you won’t need to worry about any costly services and be able to save money!
  • Safe to Use – It is eco-friendly as it was scientifically designed to be odorless and non-toxic. making it safe for your family members and pets.
  • Waterproof – With its waterproof feature. you can be at peace that it will surely last long once applied!
  • Wide Use of Application – Use the repairen on the tile in the bathroom to freshen up the appearance of your shower. bathtub. sink. or windows.
  • Long-lasting – It has a faster easier application on straight grout lines to cover mold. mildew and tough stains.
  • Replaceable Nib – Each grout repair pen is equipped with a replaceable nib. and gives you more options for writing width. If the original nib is dirty. you can easily replace the nib yourself.


  • Product Dimensions: 7.71 x 5.9 x 0.74 in
  • Color: White. Black. Beige. Tan. Brown. Grey. Dark Grey. Fawn. SIlver. Gold

Package Includes:

  • Single Pen – 1x Waterproof Tile Marker Repair Pen +
    3 x Replaceable Nib

  • All ColorsSet – 10 x Waterproof Tile Marker Repair Pen +
    30 x Replaceable Nib

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All Colors Set (10pcs) (60%OFF Discount ), BEIGE, Black, Brown, Dark Grey, Fawn, GOLD, grey, SILVER, Tan, white


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Waterproof Tile Marker Repair Pen