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No more stress to clean your stubborn water stains!

Simply spray on the affected area & the stain would dissolve and disappear immediately.

Removes stubborn soap residue. water stains and hard water deposits right in front your eyes! The 100% bleach-free formula will not damage the surface or your skin. A quick-acting solution to make your bathroom look fresh and vibrant.

  • No scrubbing spray
  • Dissolves rust stains on contact
  • Spray on and stains disappear

5X Strong Stain Remover: Super effective to remove hard water stains immediately and leaves a non-greasy. shiny surface.
No Scrubbing: Immediately dissolve stains on the surface upon contact. Just wash it off with water and you are done.
Hypoallergenic Formula: It can be applied safely by hand. and the applied surface will not be damaged or discolored.
Fresh Scent: Effectively eliminates odors while simultaneously chemically neutralizing their odors and leaving a pleasant fresh lemon fragrance.
Multi-purpose Cleaner: It is suitable for removing stains on concrete floors. shower partitions. bathtubs. sinks. toilets. mirrors. etc. A household essential for bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

How to Use:
Product is ready to use. Do not dilute. Spray surface and wipe or rinse to dry.

Ingredients: Surface Active Agent. Ionized Water
Net Content: 100ml

1x Water Stain Removing Spray (100ml)

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Water Stain Removing Spray