Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar



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Slim & tone effortlessly yet effectively during shower time!

Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar infuses powerful skin toning agents to your body to stimulate fat burn and fill up unsightly cellulite for smooth & slimming result.

Handcrafted for reducing subcutaneous fat. our Sculpting Soap Bar stimulates thermogenesis and lipid metabolism for slimming & toning effects. It has tightening and smoothing effect to sagging skin and in the areas with fat concentration (the abdomen. hips. thighs and inner arms).

– a proven stimulant with powerful Lipolytic Effect. Increases blood circulation. helps for disposal of fat and water from the body. stimulates oxygen penetration in the skin for a glowing & smooth complexion.

Volcanic Ash Clay – reduces cellulite. acne skin. & blemishes. Composed of Sodium bentonite which removes impurities & tightens skin.

During shower/ bath time. your skin pores will relax and enlarge for achieving noticeable results. 100% safe on skin ingredients even on dry and sensitive skin.


  • SIGNIFICANT SLIMMING EFFECT: Visibly reduce in stubborn fats & cellulite for a toned silhouette.

  • FIRM LOOSE SKIN: Tighten & firm sagging and wrinkled skin while combating cellulite.

  • CAFFEINE BOOSTER: Facilitate oxygen penetration & blood circulation for accelerated fat disposal.

  • EXFOLIATE AND DEEP CLEAN: Deep pore cleansing to clear acne. clogged skin & blemishes with natural volcanic clay.

  • CLEAR SKIN: Fade dark spots & acne scars for a flawless complexion.

  • SAFE TO USE: 100% natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Safe even on sensitive skin.


  • Ingredients: Volcanic Clay. Caffeine. Glycerin. Olive Oil
  • Color: Black
  • Net Weight: 60g


  • Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar (1pc / 3-pc Full Treatment)

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1pc, 3-pcs (Full Treatment)


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Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar