Update Magic Carving Hairdressing Pen



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For making undercut designs which are also known as a hair tattoo
Can also be used for trimming mustache and eyebrow
Literally a pen size. compact. and portable
Easy and safe to use


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Unique design with high quality
  • A multi-functional pen razor aiming at carving different patterns. creating a unique hairstyle
  • Can be used for hairdressing. eyebrow. and beard trimming as well
  • If incorrect. the blade easily cuts the skin! If you do not know how to use this product. do not use it directly for the body. Use a dummy head or other product to practice before use.


    • Theproductisaprofessionalhairstylistmagichairdressingpen.
    • Itissmallandeasytooperate.butitisusedinawiderange.


      • Color:Brown/Red/Silver
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Net content:Stylingpen-20G.Blade-12G
      • Length: 15CM
      • Can be used to make cool texture on hair. beard. and eyebrow.
      • rust-proof and durable
      • Environmentally Friendly


      • 1xStylingpen
      • 10 pcsSpecial blade


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      • Pleaseallow a slightdimensiondifferenceduetodifferentmanualmeasurements.

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      Brown pen+(Free 10 blades), Red pen+(Free 10 blades)


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      Update Magic Carving Hairdressing Pen