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Protect your privacy and will not bring harm to your webcam and laptops!
Are you using your laptop and need webcam for work. class or virtual meetings? However are you also afraid of hackers that might have an access to your camera and record you from there?
Worry no more as we introduce the ULTRA THIN WEBCAM PROTECTORS SLIDES
Ultra Thin Webcam Protector Slides is especially designed to COVERS YOUR WEBCAM when not in use. and PREVENTS WEB HACKERS FROM SPYING ON YOU.
It is PERFECT TO PROVIDE PRIVACY. SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND to individuals. groups. organizations. companies and governments.
Ultra Thin Webcam Protector Slides FOCUSES on network security now we can EASILY AND EFFECTIVELY PROTECT personal and family privacy security.
Very EASY to USE just GENTLY SLIDE the slide and close the camera. YOU CAN STOP THE INTRUSION OF HACKERS. It is made of FLEXIBLE ABS MATERIAL and is not fragile.
It will NOT AFFECT the closing of the laptops and scratch the laptops.

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1 SET 3 PCS, 1 SET 8 PCS


Black, Blue, Pink, white


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Ultra Thin Webcam ProtectorSlides