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Lilly Matthews submitted this photo of her journey using the TINYPRO EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device. Congrats on the success!

“I was diagnosed with lymphedema and had been battling this battle for almost 5 years until I found this amazing product. I love this TINYPRO EMS design. one massage pad is to soothemy foot pain from the edema and the other massage pad is for the large area of my belly fat. I was able to effectively reduce my fat by using this EMS massager! The vibrations of the TINYPRO really helped me firm up my skin and cellulite. I managed to lose19 pounds in a few months. I am very happy and feel more confident in my physical performance today.”– Lilly Matthews

The EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device uses acupuncture-type stimulation with an electric pulse to reduce body fatigue and inflammation toimprove blood flow in order to produce sufficient deep relaxation of your neck muscles and cure a variety of illnesses. Also. It provides 2-way usage in 1 EMS device.

What Can EMS Lymph Message Device Do?

The body benefits from the stimulation of acupuncture sites by the EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device. including pain relief. improved blood circulation. relaxation. and more. A general massage will be beneficial to your body since it eases weariness and muscular strain.

What is EMS Technology?

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). also known asneuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES)is theelicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses.The impulses mimic the action potential coming from the central nervous system. causing the muscles to contract. MS is proven to be quite effective as aproactive tool for muscle strengthening /relaxing.

Pulse Technology: Strengthened Muscle & Tightened the Skin

With the help of pulse technology. the TINYPRO EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Deviceis does not only works for releasing daily stress. but also improve physical health. The treatment works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment. which causes the muscle to exercise passively. By using the TINYPRO EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device. your muscle can be tightened. strengthened. while reducing the visibility of cellulites.

Powerful EMS Pulse Technology

The EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device uses pulse technology to not only relieve daily stress. but also to promote physical wellness. As its innovative technology works its magic. the EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device will make a difference in your body. Electrical pulses are delivered safely using electrodes to constrict the afflicted region and enhance body flow. As it flexes. your muscle can be tightened. strengthened. while lowering the visibility of cellulites. Giving yourbody a sleek. toned appearance.

Do You Understand How Our Lymphatic System Functions?

The lymphatic system is a collection of organs and tissues in the body that aid in the elimination of toxins. waste. excess fats. and other undesired substances. It filters pollutants. dissolved lipids. an waste from the lymph fluid using lymph nodes. which are tiny organs located throughout the body.

These lymphatic veins serve as the body’s sewerage system. collecting surplus fluid from cells and tissue throughout the body and returning it to the circulation. which is subsequently recirculated throughout the body. Lymphatic obstruction can be caused by a genetic abnormality of the lymphatic veins. allowing waste and toxins to accumulate and lowering immunity. resulting in primary lymphedema.

What Are the Causes of Lymphatic System Blockages?

The lymphatic system is made up of nodes and vessels that drain toxins and other waste products from the tissues of your body. Lymphatic obstruction can be caused by a genetic lymphatic vessel malformation. which can lead to illnesses and disorders such as;

Lymphadenopathy – is characterized by enlarged (swollen) lymph nodes.

Lymphedema – is defined as fluid accumulation or swelling.

Lymphoma – Lymphatic system cancers

Lymphangitis – is the inflammation of lymph vessels.

Lymphocytosis – is a condition in which the body has an abnormally high number of lymphocytes.

Acupoints Massage: How Effective Is It?

Acupoints Massage are believed toactivate the central nervous system. According to certain research. acupressure generates endorphins and promotes anti-inflammatory effects. which may assist with some types of lymph issues. Anxiety and depression. Acupressure help with fatigue and mood. according to several studies. To be certain. better-designed trials are required.

How EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device Works?

A medical diagnosis is required before using acupuncture in western medicine. It involves igniting sensory nerves in the muscles and beneath the skin. According to a 2018 review research that appeared in the academic journal The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. acupuncture may be able to relieve lymphatic disorder symptoms without having the negative side effects that come with using drugs. Imagine being able to accomplish these effects conveniently from home while saving time and money.

Designed With Magnetic Therapy

TINYPRO EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device uses magnetherapy and low-frequency pulse massage technology that are scientifically proven to stimulate the nerves which aids in lymphatic fluid draining. proper blood circulation. and firming up your bum muscles.

How it TINYPRO EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage DeviceWorks?

Western medical acupuncture is the use of acupuncture following a medical diagnosis. It involves stimulating sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles. A review study published in 2018 in the scientific journal “The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews”found that acupuncture has the potential to end the symptoms of lymphatic problems without the side effects associated with medications.Now imagine achieve these effects right from home with the savings of time and money.

19 Gears Micro-Electric Massage

The twopulse pads that are part of the neck massager’s design increase the area of contact by 33% and provide a comfortable massage all the way down to the points that cause pain. Two extended massage patches are also included in addition to the body massage. allowing you to customize your massage experience with maximum results in the shortest amount of time and significantly enhance your general health. These patches instantly relieve tension throughout your neck. back. shoulders. belly. arm. and leg.

What Makes The EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage DeviceSPECIAL?

Facilitates detoxification
Enhances blood circulation
Removes unnecessary waste
Lowers lactic acid levels and free fatty acid levels
Eliminate lymphatic drainage
Promotes a detoxification cleansing
Reduces edema in many bodily areas
Eliminates lymph nodes
An excellent natural remedy for lymphatic drainage
Eliminates bodily lymphatic congestion

Wide Relief

Device that has been clinically proved to be safe. all-natural. and effective for relieving pain in problematic regions including the back. joints. neck. knees. shoulders. ankles. legs. wrists. and elbows. Utilize a tens machine that has FDA clearance for soothing massages.

Let’s hear from our satisfied customer how amazing this EMS Massager is:

“Having this TINYPRO Massager is very great because aside from this massager was easy to use and it also helps on reducing lymph node on my neck and body. This Massager make it disappear within 2 months. it’s so amazing! It also help me to remove the toxins on my body which helps me to lose 24 pounds. and as a result. my figure are now thinner and more toned! LOVE TINYPRO!”” – Lloraine Paige

Another fruitful result coming fromAndrew who’s having a hard time cutting down fats due to old age

“I’ve beentrying to lose my belly fat but even though I am doing exercise I can’t get rid of them. and I believe my age plays a big role in it. I tried everything. and I always used to stay away from these kinds of products. but when I started having trouble looking fit. I gave this EMS massage a try. and it delivered exactly what it promised! I’ve lost a good deal of weight. my fatty spots are gone. and I’m so much more fit now!”


Material: ABS + Silicone + Stainless Steel + Magnetic
Power: 4.5-5V 9.8mA
USB Charging (Used Continuously for 8 Hours After Charging for 0.5 Hour)
6 Massage Modes
19 Intensity Settings
Recommended Use: 15 Mins Per Day. Continuous Use for 10 Days or More
Device Size: 5.5*5.5*1.2cm


  • Set A: 1 set x TINYPRO EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device.USBCharging Wire. 1PC Massage Pad. Manual
  • Set B: 1 set x TINYPRO EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device.USBCharging Wire. 2PCS Massage Pads. Manual
  • Full Set:1 set x TINYPRO EMS Microcurrent Lymph Massage Device.USBCharging Wire. 1 set xSet A & Set B Massage Pads. Manual
  • 2PCS Set A Massage Pads (Device Not Included)
  • 4PCS SetB Massage Pads (Device Not Included)

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Bundle (Save More)

2PCS Set A Massage Pads, 4PCS Set B Massage Pads, Full Set (SetA + Set B Pad), Set A -1PC Massage Pad, Set B – 2PCS Pules Pads


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