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Temporary tattoo hair edges create unique hairstyles. You can see the individual defined hair strokes in every design. Naturally mimic your hair strands.
Designed and sized to look completely realistic and designed to fit naturally. Itcan modify your face shape. make your face look smaller and make you more beautiful.
Easy To Apply. Just moisten the sticker with a small amount of water. then wait 10-15 seconds and then remove it. Instant result!
Temporary tattoo hair edges are 100% waterproof. andstay put through showers and sweat. Last all day. with no curling or drying out. Long lasting that can last up to 7 days.
With just 3 easy step you can achieve your own hairstyle.Justcut the sticker. moisten the sticker with a small amount of water. then wait 10-15 seconds and then tear it apart to get natural hairs
Material: Sticker paper
Size:110mm x 160mm
Style:4 sets available
Set A. B. C. D
Makes the baby hair edge tattoo look very natural and realistic. and the size can meet most people. The high-quality materials will not make the skin itchy. not easy to fall off. is a permanent and safe temporary tattoo stickers.
Tattoo edges for hair is 100% waterproof. and will not fade in shower or sweat. The baby hair edge tattoo can last all day without curling or drying out or fading.
You need to clean your skin before use. without sweat. oil or skin care products. Then soak the back of the edge tattoo for hair with little water. post it where you need it. press and wait fo 15-30 seconds. then gently tear it apart to get natural tattoo baby hair.
When you want to remove temporary tattoo tattoo baby hair edges for women. you can massage your forehead with oily products. such as baby oil. cleansing oil or soapy water. and you can remove the temporary tattoo baby hair edges easily and safely.

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Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D


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Temporary Tattoo Hair Edges