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Tired of always scrubbing stains from your coffee mug or tumbler? This product helps by just pouring it inside along with a boiling water!

If you struggle cleaning a hard to reach spots on your kettle or tumbler. this does the job without exerting an effort at all!

Simply pour the powder inside the dirty utensil and pour hot water then let it do the job. No scrubbing. no washing!

You can even use it to clean stains from a glass or marble material. It can also clean stains from any drinks!

You don’t realize at all that washing a cup or mug isn’t enough because it still leaves dirty stains from coffee or tea. Let this product help you with that by cleaning your mug thoroughly!

Simply put the powder inside along with a boiling water!

Dimensions: 12.5cm x 6cm
Weight: 250g
Package Inclusion: Tea Stain Remover x1

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Tea Stain Remover Cleaner