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Remove earwaxthe proper way in just seconds!A labor. money. and time-saving cleaning tool that will easily get all your earwax from ages. The soft twisted tip is pleasant and safe to use for all types of ear sizes with its different replacement heads. Proven safe to insert and clean comfortably even the smallest space in your ears.


360 Twisted Thorough Cleaning
Makes a 360 degree spiral design cleaner that can massage your ears thoroughly. helping you maintain a cleaner and healthier ear canal.

Safe& Soft Ear Cleaner
Will safely and quickly remove the residual small and dry earwax from your holes. Making a clearer hearing capability and 100% medical proven safe.

Wide Variety of Replacement Heads
Comes with many and different types of flexible replacement heads. can freely choose an alternate size for different ear types.

Easy to Use
Effectively removes all dirt from your ears in just a few seconds. Just simply insert in your ear and roll to get in the tiniest spaces.

Durably Made
Aneco friendly and cost-effective way compared to ordinary cotton balls. Made with spiral premium material designed that can give a hygienic cleaning!

  • Color: Blue with white. Pink with white
  • Net Weight: 30 ml
  • 1PC x Spiral Wax Ear Removal Cleaner;
  • 1 PC Spiral Wax Ear Removal Cleaner + 1 PC Ear Wax Softener

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Color & Type

Blue & White Box Set, Box +Ear Wax Softener


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Spiral Wax Ear Removal Cleaner