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Effectively seal every openings through your household with this multi-purpose foam sealing tape!

This foam tape roll is specifically designed to perform an impressive sealing to block the gaps through your doors and windows. It’s thickened material completely absorbs the noise from the busy streets and keeps the wind drafts from coming inside. Additionally. this sealant can also ward off any annoying pests. water leakages and airborne particles. including dust and dirts. No worries as it has a high-resilience ability that allows it to regain back to its formal shape shortly even after repeated uses. Suitable for door drafts. door frame seal. windows. cabinets. hatches. drawers and so on.

The multi-purpose foam strip is fully compressible so it can seal even the smallest crevices without causing obstruction. It offers a strong non-degumming adhesive backing that can grip securely to any surface. It can withstand extreme temperatures and resist water and mildews without loosening its viscosity. Moreover. this foam tape can also form easily to any curves and shapes. Simply peel-off the film. stick the foam to your desired areas. cut the excess and done.

Make your home feel warmer and free from the harmful insects and dust using this multi-purpose foam sealing tape!


  • Excellent Foam Sealing
    A compressible sealant tape that can be applied straight away to block off gaps and crevices through your doors or windows. Impeding every pests. insects. dirt. dust and water leaks from coming inside without causing obstruction when you open or close. This foam tape also helps to prevent the gust of chilling wind and buffer the deafening noise from the busy roads or neighbors. Keeping your home pleasantly warm and peaceful anytime.

  • High-Resilient Ability
    Constructed of high-quality. non-toxic foam and paper materials with 1cm of thickness. It offers outstanding resiliency which enables it to bounce back exceptionally well to its original form when released from pressure. Moreover. this strip also boasts durability and flexibility to be compressed to fit and seal even in the smallest of areas.

  • Ultra-Strong Back Adhesive
    This multifunctional foam sealing provides a powerful non-degumming adhesive that can stick firmly to any surface. It is completely waterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures without loosening its adherence. Saving it from slipping and falling off even after a continuous door opening and closing or changes in weather. No worries as this sealant tape is also designed to skillfully resist mold and mildews.
  • Easy to Install
    The foam strip roll can be smoothly trimmed to size using a scissors or any blade with ease. It can also bend and conform to any shapes and surfaces to fully seal the areas. Simply remove the protective film from the foam. adhere it to your desired place. cut the excess and you’re done. You won’t need any complicated tools or messy glues anymore. Ideal for beginners. professionals and DIYers.

  • Wide Application
    This foam tape is applicable for sealing door drafts. door frame seal. windows. cabinets. hatches. drawers and such. Suitable for your living rooms. kitchens. bedrooms. nurseries. mini home theater room. dormitories. apartments. recording studios and more possibilities.

  • Material: Foam
  • 1 xSound-proof Door Window Sealing Tape

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Sound-proof Door Window Sealing Tape