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Mary MorrisFrom Las Vegas. Nevada.Shared Her Great Results with our Latest Product!

“This product really helped make life easier. I can’t explain exactly how. but it helped me in my weight loss journeyby a lot. Must be the negative ions feature it says it has.I was losing more weight per week when I started using this. It also made breathing a lot easier. I love it! “

Lymphatic Blockages Causes the Building Up of Fat Tissues

The average person is exposed to more than 700.000 toxic chemicals a day. such as pm2.5. heavy metal. virus. smoke. pollen. harmful gas. formaldehyde. and many more. Toxins leads to blockages in the lymphatic system. These can cause clogged vessels and swelling of the limbs which elevates fat tissue production and lead to fat build upthat causes excess weight gain and obesity.

Becausewe’re exposed totoxic chemicals everyday. it’s crucial that we do everything to prevent them from entering ourbodiesand take care of our lymphatic system. And using the SmartFit Portable Neck Ionizing Devicecan helpus achieve thateasily.

Negative Ion Purifier: A Natural Protective Barrier Against Toxins and Achieve Weight Loss

Our air purifier has the capabilities to emit negative ions and provide you with a protective barrier which can shield you from everyday particles. microorganisms. and other harmful things in the air. The negative ions electrically charge harmful particles. causing them to fall or collect on surfaces like the flooror ceiling. As it prohibits everyday toxins from entering our systems. the lymphatic system cansuppress the excess production of fat tissues and prevent obesity and unhealthy weight gain.

Studies conducted by Nobel Prize for Physics WinnersProfessor Philipp Lenard & Dr Svante August.uncovered that the risk oftoxins entering our bodiescan be greatly reduced by breathing in negative ions. Andsince our deviceis capable of continuously releasing up to 20.000.000 negative ions at a time. you can be assured that your lymphatic system is protected. and weight gain won’t be an issue.

Negative Ions Boosts Metabolism to Speed Up Fat Burning

The most important major benefit of negative ions is that it possesses properties that accelerate the body’s metabolism. It does this by encouraging healthy active heart rate and activity even when you’re not exercising. It also boosts blood flow. circulation. and the body’s enzyme and hormone production which are essential in fat burn and weight loss.

The Solution to a Healthy Body and a Healthy Weight

Our devicehelps the body more effectively prevent toxins and harmful wastes from entering our systems. Without the presence of these toxic chemicals and particles inside us. our bodies can better detoxify and purify our systems to achieve a healthy and protected lymphatic system. preventing excessive fat production and weight gain.

With the protection that the negative ion shielding our device provides. accelerated fat production and build up can be prevented. And that’s because no harmful particles. toxic chemicals. and floating toxins can enter the body and disrupt our organs and system from functioning properly. When our system and organs function properly. you can achieve true detoxification and stop fat from stagnating in the body.

What Makes SmartFit Portable Neck Ionizing Device an Incredible Choice?

Emits Negative Ions and ProhibitsToxins from Entering the Body

Stops Toxins from Creating Blockages in The Lymphatic Sytem

PreventsToxins fromTriggering Excess Fat Tissue Production

Helps Maintain a Clean Lymphatic System and a Healthy Weight

Releases up to 20.000.000 Negative Ions to Create a Protective Barrier

Strong Purification of Smoke. Formaldehyde. and PM2.5 in Surrounding Air

15 Hours of Continuous Operation on One Charge

Comfortable and Portable Around-the-Neck Design

Fanless Construction for Zero Noise Silent Operation

Does Not Produce Radiation. Safe to use for all. even Pregnant Women

Here are more of our satisfied customers’ experience with theSmartFit Portable Neck Ionizing Device:

Ciara Snipes from Vancouver. Canada had this to say about the device:

“Back when I didn’t have this device. I could feel my legs swelling up after each day at work. But ever since I started using it. the swelling gradually went away. And now my legs look normal again! I would never have thought that negative ions can be so effective. I’m so happy I bought this!”

Michelle Watson from Orlando. Florida was excited to share her use of the device:

“Ever since I started my weight loss journey I’ve always eaten the right food. worked out consistently but I couldn’t get any thinner. After using this negative ion device. I don’t know what happened. but I lost weight rapidly all of a sudden. I guess it really works. I’m finally at my goal weight! Thanks!”


  • Variants: Grey. White
  • Materials: ABS
  • Dimensions: 16.5cm x 13cm x 3.8cm
  • Product Weight: 40g
  • USB Charging: Micro USB
  • Negative Ion Release: Up to 20.000.000 Negative Ions
  • Battery Life:30 Mins Full Charge. Lasts for 15 Hrs
  • No Filter. No Consumables

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  • 1xSmartFit Portable Neck Ionizing Device (Grey)

  • 1x SmartFit Portable Neck Ionizing Device (White)

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SmartFit Portable Neck Ionizing Device