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Improve your vehicle’s wheels when you go on the road at night with the

Smart Wheel Led Lighting is a MOTION activated lights that AUTOMATICALLY lights up when the vehicle moves. They’re purpose is not just to make your vehicle COOLER but also to keep you SAFE at night drives and rainy season as this LED wheel lights attracts attention because of its LUMINOUS COLOR LIGHTS.

It can INCREASE VISIBILITY at NIGHT TIME and BAD WEATHER to ENSURE SAFETY the SAFETY. The LED value wheel light is a SINGLE SENSING VIBRATION type. and the light will be EXTRA BRIGHT when the wheel is rotating.

Smart Wheel Led Lighting is VERY EASY to INSTALL. Just SCREW it on the TIRE VALVE and your light will be READY. Short Version is SUITABLE on CAR WHEELS. BICYCLE WHEELS. MOTORCYCLE WHEELS. and ETC.

It is WATERPROOF so you don’t need to worry on RAINY DAYS and it can be used for ALL kinds of WEATHER.

Short Version: Car. bicycle. motorcycle
Long Version:Bicycle

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Long Version-Blue, Long Version-Green, Long Version-Red, Long Version-Yellow, Short Version-Blue, Short Version-Green, Short Version-Rainbow, Short Version-Red, Short Version-White


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Smart Wheel Led Lighting