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Convert any bra into a cross-back style in seconds using this invisible bra strap clip!
This practical clip gently grips the strap in place and keeps it perfectly hidden inside your clothes. Preventing your bra strap from creeping out on your shoulders for all the world to see! It doesn’t add too much pressure on the back or cause any irritations. Making it comfortable even when used all day long! Ideal when you want to wear tank tops. sleeveless. racerback. sports tops. dresses. and so on.
The clip also helps to give your bust an instant lift and offers you a more voluptuous appearance! Furthermore. it also acts as a great back support. especially for those who slouches a lot. Allowing you to stand up straighter and reduces back pain. Simply attach it from the front strap. slide it over your shoulder and connect it with the other strap!
No more slipping or showing bra straps to ruin your day with this amazing bra clip!


  • Invisible Bra Strap Clip
    This clip effectively pinch your bra straps in the back. Keeping it hidden underneath your clothes and preventing it from uncomfortably slipping on your shoulders! It has an adjustable height so you can have your desired clip position. whether you want it lower. higher or in the middle. Simply attach the clip on one of the straps from the front. slide it along the back and connect it with the other strap. No more awkward exposed bras or constant strap falling!

  • Comfortable to Wear
    The clip won’t ever fall off your strap even when doing extra movements! It keeps gently fitted in place while remaining perfectly concealed. It doesn’t dig or create any added pressure on your back. making it feel like you don’t even have a clip on!

  • Provides Instant Lift
    Not only does it hold slipping bra straps in place. but it can also help give your bust an additional lift! The clip brings the straps closer together and tighter. yet comfortable. Which in results. creating a more beautiful. plump appearance.
  • Improved Posture
    It provides a great support on your back. correcting your posture to stand up straighter. Ideal for those who tend to slouch. allowing them to look and feel more confident.

  • Wide Application
    This clip discreetly converts any bra easily into a cross-back style! Allowing you to wear those tops that have been kept in the closet for so long because your bra straps are left showing. Suitable for tank tops. sleeveless shirts. racerback dresses. vest. sweatshirts. sports tops and more!

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality PP material that invisibly keeps your bra fastened in place and transforms it into a comfortable one! It is extremely durable and has smooth edges to not cause any scratch or irritations from the skin. You can easily wash it using water. perfect for everyday wear.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 8 x 7 cm

  • 3pcs x Ring Clip (Black. Beige. Transparent)


  • 9pcs x ∞ Clip (Black. Beige. Transparent)

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∞ Set(3PCS), ∞ Set(9PCS), Ring Set(3PCS), Ring Set(9PCS)


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Smart Bra Strap Clip Set (3 Colors)