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Say goodbye to unnecessary dirt. gunk. and debris that makes cleaning the stove counter neck- and-back-breaking! Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover.


  • Cover and seal. Covers and seals the gap between your stove and kitchen counter! Prevents gunk and debris that gets stuck in the gap.

  • Safe and durable. Our flexible non-slip silicone stays right where you put it. Made from food-grade silicone. it’s safe to use in the kitchen and around food.

    • Works with all types of stoves. Conforms to all stove and kitchen appliances and adapts to uneven spaces. seamlessly blending with all countertops. Can be easily customized by simply cutting to fit the stove sizes that are non- standard.
    • Heat-resistant. Made to withstand heat up to 445°F / 230°C. Non-toxic and won’t retain heat so you won’t get burned.

    • Easy to clean. Our matte anti-dust and smudge-resistant design allow you to keep your gap cover clean and stain-free. Dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean using a damp cloth.


    • Material: Silicone
    • Weight: 148 g
    • Size: 535 x 55 mm


    • 1 x Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover

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    Black, clear, white


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    Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover