ShineGlam Reusable Stick On Eyeliner With Lashes



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Look sparkling glamorous in one simple stick with ShineGlam now!
ShineGlam combines vibrant glitter eyeliner and thick lush lashes so you can achieve the perfect eye makeup look in one simple stick!
Custom your own liner shape and lash length freely! ShineGlam let you curl and trim the sticker and lashes to your own desire! Layer on mascara for an even more natural volume!
Use ShineGlam to bring a pop of lively glow to your eyes no matter what kind of eye shape you have!
ShineGlam offers you with up to 18 hours of lasting sparkling charm with waterproof and sweatproof protective barrier! To reuse our stickers. simply remove the stickers andkeep in a dry areabefore the next use!
  1. Trim the stickers according to the shape of your eyes
  2. Apply lash glue as usual and stick on our eyeliner along the edge of your natural eyelashes
  3. Press lightly over the stick-on lashes to make sure they blend in with your natural lashes
  4. Use lash curler if needed.
  • Lashes Materials: Synthetic Fibers
  • Dimension: 4.3*2.3cm
  • Package Weight: 3g
  • Color Options: Blue. Pink. Green. Purple. Yellow. Bright Yellow. Black
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and keep them dry for reusing.


  • (Single ColorSet)
    • 4 Pairs* ShineGlam Reusable Stick On Eyeliner With Lashes
    • (Full Color Set)
      • 28 Pairs* ShineGlam Reusable Stick On Eyeliner With Lashes

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      Black, Bright Yellow, Full Color Set (28 Pairs in Total), Green, Purple, Yellow


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      ShineGlam Reusable Stick On Eyeliner With Lashes