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The easiest & fastest way to transfer liquid without BULKY equipment!

Just Shaking to transfer liquid from one container to another by usingShake-It-Up Auto Siphon Hose!

TheShake-It-Up Auto Siphon Hoseallowsto transfer6 gallons per minute speed. It is made from High Quality& Safety GradeSiliconeand lead-free copper pump that makes it safe and hygienic for use in almost anything with its wide use on wherever a liquid is a concern. An emergency siphon that you can use anywhere if you need to fill water or fuel to your car!


  • Fastest& Easiest Self-Priming Tube:
    Works best as an emergency siphon when you need to transferliquid or gasoline from one container to another. or from your container to your car.
  • 6 Gallons Per Minute:
    Saves you time and effort as it gives you a quick pump of 6 gallons per minute.
  • Food Safety Grade Silicone:
    Created with high-quality and food-grade materials that makes it good to be used even on drinking water.
  • Safe & Hygienic:
    The lead-free copper pump provides safety to your health as it lets you avoid the need to sucking tubes just to let the liquids to flow out.

  • Wide Use:
    Manual pump can be used to transfer water. oil/fuel. can use on water changing for aquarium. camping. gardening or long way driving.


  • SHAKE IT: Insert the siphon hose to the container.shake it up & down. and the liquid will begin to flow!
  • STOP IT: To stop the flow. remove theother end from the liquid.


  • Materials: FDA Grade PVC
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: 1.8mm Thickness. 1.8m Length


  • 1xShake-It-Up Auto Siphon Hose

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Shake-It-Up Auto Siphon Hose