Self Defense Kubaton Keychain Rod



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The Self defense keychain is made of solid avation aluminum .Surface through special processing. not easily get scratches.

This product is a self-defense tool. but also a car window breaker. a good device for window or other glass to break the car to avoid accidents.

Comes with key chain ring. Easy to take along with .you may just install it on your keychain.also put it on your bag for convenient use.

The attack head is hard and sharp. all the power is concentrated at one point. bursting with great energy.

The Self-Defense Key Chain is made of aircraft aluminum. it has characteristics of high hardness. sturdiness and light weight. it’s a must self-protection tool for you and your family. not easily get scratches. very solid.


Material: Solid Aluminum
Length: 5.5 inch (14cm)
Max Diameter: 0.55 inch (1.4cm)
Weight: 1.4oz/40g x 3

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1 PC, 2 PCS


Black, GOLD, Green, Purple, SILVER, Sky Blue


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Self Defense Kubaton Keychain Rod