Self Adhesive Rubber Ring Handle



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This convenient tool will make you not to touch the toilet cover and seat ever again. thus. helping to prevent bacteria on spreadingtoour body and every part of the house.
This convenient tool is self-adhesive; it has a double-sided tape at the back that can be cohered to any surface.
Multi-function as it can be used in drawers. cupboards. refrigerator doors. and even windows. Convenient for the whole family.
Avoid hand contact with the toilet lid with the help of the Self Adhesive Rubber Ring Handle to keep your hands clean and your family healthy.
This product has a sleek design. portable and convenient. It is 3 mm thick and is very durable and will surely last for a long time.
In these 5 easy steps you can attach it on any surface you want it on to!

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Self Adhesive Rubber Ring Handle