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Witness effective blemish removal in just 4 weeks!Scratch out Stretch Mark Cream targets all stretch marks and scars to bring you revitalized glowingsmooth skin!

Deep penetrating formula to break down unwanted skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation from within!

Rejuvenates and infuses your skin with youthful flexibility.eliminating the appearance of cellulites. stretch marks and scars.

Scratch out Stretch Mark Creamhas a light texture that spreads easily and smoothly. It is quickly absorbed leaving no greasy film. Gently and effectively flatten and minimize both old and new scars and marks by encouraging your damaged skin the production of collagen.

Helps visibly improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy or due to weight fluctuations.

Diminishes the appearance of stretch marks and scars which may occur on the abdomen. breasts. hips. buttock. and thighs.Apply every 3-4 hours daily. before and after going to bed.

Made with natural organic ingredients. such as argan oil. tea tree extract. tumeric. damascus rose extract. to provide you with an essential purity that pampers and moisturizes your skin!


Net Weight:60 Grams

Please consult your medical practitioner before using if you are pregnant.

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1 x Scratch out Stretch Mark Cream

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Scratch Out Stretch Mark Cream