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Multi-Purpose Screwdriver

Come with replaceable screwdriver heads for various purposes.
10 different types of screwdriver heads including Torx security.
Tri-point. Phillips. Spanner and Flathead. Suitable for
assembling and dismantling chassis. fix equipment.
wall arrangement. use in construction site. etc.

Replaceable Heads Storage

Push down the red bits storage part of the handle. And open it
from the bottom of the handle. It allows you to
easily drive or take out the screw heads.

Changeable Bits

The ratchet device has a forward rotation. reverse rotation and fixed
rotation. The adjustment direction of the bit is from 90?? to 180??.

Adjustable and Rotatable Ratchet

The screwdriver heads comes in different sizes that you can
change and use for different purposes:
4 x Phillips screwdriver (PH0. PH1. PH2. PH3)
3 x Flathead screwdriver (4.0 .5.0 .6.0)
1 x Torx security screwdriver(T8)
1 x Tri-Point screwdriver (Y1)
1 x Spanner screwdriver (U2)

Widely Applicable

Multipurpose – used for different repairs or dismantling of
equipment that needs to use screws.

Slip-Resistant Handle

The ergonomic non-slip handle and the high-strength
heat-treated magnetic screw heads achieve
better control and comfortable grip.

High Quality Material

The heads are made of premium steel. After special heat
treatment and tempering. it can extend the high hardness
and maximum torque. It’s durable and wear resistant.


Material: S2 alloy steel + ABS
Weight: 242g


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