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The birth of a genius: Develop diverse skills from an early age

The Rainbow toy wisdom game is an interesting color classification toy for early education and life skills.

It fits perfectly for both small children and older children. There are no additional shades so that the child can easily recognize the main colors.


– Visual Focus

– Thinking. Memory

– Sensory and fine motor skills

– Perseverance. diligence. and concentration

– Comparing. classifying. and analyzing

– Colors. shapes. and numbers

  • Your child can make dramatic improvements in color. shape. and hand-eye coordination with just one week of practice. This Peg Dolls in Cups is one of the most impactful ways to spark your child’s curiosity and motivation.
  • Color matching and classification:

The baby will sort the different colored Peg Dolls into the cups corresponding to the color. promoting the child’s logical thinking skills!

  • Color rich. color early education:

A variety of colors to attract the baby’s attention. to promote children’s visual development!

It helps develop color perception and analysis. motor coordination. diligence. attention. tactile sensitivity. and fine motor skills.

  • Hand training. exercise the child’s palm grip!

Exercises the child’s hand strength and initiates the child’s independent pairing ability.

  • Absolute safety and prevention of swallowing by children:

The development of the toy sorter is made of safe materials.

  • Our toys are designed to be simple.

Perfect for early education at home. kindergarten. daycare. or on trips.


  • Style: man and cup. 12-color ball and cup. 7-color ball and cup
  • Weight: 650g / 1.4lb
  • Size:


  • 1 set × Rainbow Toy Wisdom Game

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12-color ball and cup, 7-color ball and cup, man and cup


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Rainbow Toy Wisdom Game