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  • Can’t you make an embroidery craft if you don’t know how to embroider?
  • No! With the embroidery needle fabric set. you can finished your DIY embroidery crafts easily. which is very helpful for beginners.

Main Features

  • Adjustable Punch Needle
    The length of the punch needle can be adjusted according to your needs for embroidering. including 4 sizes: 2.8cm. 3.8cm. 4.7cm. 5.5cm.?
  • Widely Application
    10 sizes embroidery needles for different needs to used in the clothing.curtain. pillowcases. insoles. purses. towels. table cloths and other commonly used household items. and more as your imagination can reach. You can design and transform any textile item with patterns. words. flowers patches.cloths or more as you like.
  • Easy To Use
    Just draw the desired pattern on the stamp cloth. and then use the punch needle to follow the pattern to get the work you want. The operation is simple. and the embroidery tool set makes the sewing process easier.
  • Popular Gift
    In the process of embroidery. relieve stress on work and life. A appropriate gift for your families or lovers; Finished DIY embroidery is really a meaningful and special present.

    Package Contents

    Embroidery Pen? 1 or?Punch Needle kit 1 or?Embroidered cloth? 1


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      Embroidery Pen+Embroidered cloth 22*22cm, Embroidery Pen+Embroidered cloth 26*26cm, Embroidery Pen+Embroidered cloth 34*34cm, Embroidery Pen+Embroidered cloth 67*50cm


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      Punch Needle Embroidery Kits