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1. Install the funnel cone with its hook
2. Put your homemade bait in the tray then the tray in the trap
3. Hang your trap

And it’s DONE!
You will now enjoy an environment free of flies by keeping them away.


1.Low cost. economical and durable (each set can be used for several years)

2.Easy to assemble/disassemble and move at will

3.High efficiency in fly catching

4.Safety and environmental protection: eco-friendly. no need for chemicals or toxic substances

Technical product data:

1.Materials and design developed to withstand both high and low temperatures. shocks and trap transport.

2.Bait bowl: food grade PP polypropylene ring only (in case oe of your farm animals accidentally wants to taste it)

3.Sizes (approx.): diameter 25 cm. height of funnel flycatcher 32 cm. total height of trap 40 cm.


– The hanging locationof your Fly Trap is important to get right and may take a couple of different attempts before you hit that”sweet spot” where flies are much more attracted to your net rather than your animal(s). We recommend that you place your fly traps in sunny and warm places for a few good hours of the day. We do not recommend placing the trap(s) inside the stable of your horses as they may see the trap as a feeder and destroy it or eat its contents! We’d suggest instead that you place the traps around fences nearpaddocks or fieldswhere your horse may be grazing for long hours on a hot summers day. Poop carts. manure piles. just outside the stables. barn. etc. are also advisory places where you’ll find success with having a trap set up.

DO NOT HANGabove 5ft. the majority of the flies are lower than this. so you need to make sure your trap is on the same level to have the best effect. It’s vital that you hang on the same level (if not lower) than your animals that you keep whether that be horses. chickens or live stock.

– Once you find a location on your ranch that you think has a heavy population of flies. you’ll need to bait your trap with a tasty. smelly snack to attract the flies away from your animals into the net. We have reviewed the main baits that our customers have successfully used in the past (Wet Cat Food mixed with Beer or Water. Bad milk. Overripe dry fruits. Rotten fish/meat. …). You will find’em in the tab dedicated to that. right next to this one (the one in the middle).


There are two main ways to empty them: the first is to unhook the ring that holds the funnel cone in place (the main element of the trap) and then shake the trap to gradually empty it of flies. Many of our customers use this method easily and take advantage of the fact that they can use what they take out of the trap to feed their fish. chickens and other farm birds!

The second way is simply to vacuum them. through the same funnel cone. to remove all or part of what the trap has caught. This way. you can easily clean it.

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