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Plumpy Lip Exfoliate Balmcan effectively lighten the fine lines of the lips and make the lips more delicate and smooth.Plumpy Lip Exfoliate Balm make your lips become crystal glorious. long-lasting glossy. It can nourish your lips. makes it healthier. moister and crystal-like.


  • Removes dead lip skin -provide sufficient nutrition and moisture to the skin and firmly lock the moisture. making the lips smooth and tender.
  • Improves dark lips – The product contains rich nourishment to reduce melanin. which can quickly brightenlip skin.
  • Solve various lip problem. Treat chapped lips. peeling lips and dull lips to get better.
  • All Natural High quality materials. Made of 100% natural ingredient. It is completely safe to use and will do no harm.

How to Use

  1. (Daytime nourishment) Apply a thin layer whenever your lips feel chapped and dry.
  2. (Night care) Apply a thin layer before going to bed.
  3. Get up and clean your lips the next day. and your lips will look more attractive.

Product Details

Honey/ Strawberry x Plumpy Lip Exfoliate Balm

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Plumpy Lip Exfoliate Balm