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Are the plastic trim pieces on your car fading?

Not all hope is lost.

You can actually bring back shine back to your plastic and trim pieces and restore the defective plastics back to like-new.


Vehicles that are often exposed to UV rays. rain. dust. road grime. or normal wear and tear will experience oxidation on its plastic trim pieces. leaving an unsightly mark on your car. However. by using our car trim restorer. you can restore the defective plastics back to like-new.


Unlike other trim products which give your car a temporary greasy shine until they are washed off. Our product can remove the oxidation of plastic surface. By darkening and shining surfaces. this restorer brings your vehicle back to life.


A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. This plastic restorer kit is easy to use. Pour a few drops onto the applicator. spreading it evenly and wipe the excess back off. It will be absorbed quickly and finishes with a dry-to-the-touch feel.


Our plastic restorer spray for cars can be used on bumpers. side mirrors. door handles. vinyl rooftops. as well as interior trim so long as it’s plastic. (Be sure to allow to dry and clean completely before applying the product).

How to Use

STEP 1: Clean the plastic parts and air dry.
STEP 2: Spray the product on the cloth.
STEP 3: Evenly spread on the plastic parts with cloth.
STEP 4: Wait until it is completely dry.


Size(L*W): 30*30CM(Cloth)/14*4CM(SPRAY)

PackingSize(L*W*H): 17.3*23.1*3.8 CM

Weight: 183 g

Cloth Material: Microfiber

Net Content: 100 ML/3.5 Oz

Package Includes

1 * Plastic Restorer


  1. Do not touch water after 12 hours of application.
  2. Suitable for use with plastic and vinyl. Do not use it on leather.
  3. Do not apply in the car under high temperature.
  4. We recommend wearing gloves during operation.
  5. Washing and drying thoroughly first to make sure it absorbed completely (Make sure water trapped in the seams got a chance to dry)

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Plastic Restorer Spray 3.5 Oz Kit