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Measure any surface accurately with just one button.

Introducing a very handy measuring tape. We are happy to offer you the ONE BUTTON METRIC TAPE.

One Button Metric Tape is a VERY CONVENIENT TOOL that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to FULLY and ACCURATELY MEASURE SURFACES in just ONE BUTTON. It is RETRACTABLE and STABLE saving you from ROLLING and FIXING the tape to get accurate measures. The measures can be EASILY READ. It is made of STAINLESS STEEL with PREMIUM PLASTIC CASE making it STURDY and LONG LASTING.

One Button Metric Tape has a LENGTH of 7.5m and 25mm WIDE. It has a NON-SLIP DESIGN for a MORE COMFORTABLE GRIP. It is IDEAL for Carpenters. Woodworkers. Architects. Construction Workers. DIY Projects. Home renovations and more. It is VERY EASY and HANDY to use.

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  • 1 x One Button Metric Tape

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3M, 5M, 7.5M


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One Button Metric Tape