Non Slip Bra Strap Clip Set



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No more annoying straps peeking out or slipping off throughout the day!
Still struggling with slipping or sneaky peeking bra straps? This smart strap clip is your one stop solution!
Stay in style discretely! Use our bra strap clips to fix your straps in place! Rock a neat racer back tank outfit without having to worry about the peeky straps!
Feel free to adjust the height of your straps simply by sliding the clip to a higher or lower position!
Secure your straps inside the clip effortlessly by tucking the straps inside the T-shaped buckle inside the clip! It will ensure you a steady. trusty hold throughout the entire day no matter how you move!
Our strap clips is your must have handy helper to keep your straps invisible in any situation no matter what style you’re going for!
  • Dimensions: (Butterfly Shape) 4.5*3.5cm; (Round Shape) 4.5*4.5cm
  • Weight: 10.8g
  • Materials: Premium ABS
  • Colors:Clear. Nude. Black


  • 12PCs Set
    • 4* Clear Clips
    • 4* Nude Clips
    • 4* Black Clips

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Butterfly Shape (4PCs For Each Colors), Round Shape (4PCs For Each Colors)


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Non Slip Bra Strap Clip Set