Night Light Led Light Under Cabinet Light




Ultra-thin cabinet light product introduction:
【Super Bright But Gentle Eye-care Lighting】Uniform luminescence, gentle and flicker-free lighting.

【3 Cycle Modes & Excellent Motion Sensor】
MODE 1: Motion Sensor Mode
MODE 2: Always On Mode

【Quick Charging and Long Battery Life】LED Closet Light with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it only needs 2 hours to charge quickly, It can be used for about 3 hours in Always On Mode. if lighted eight times a day. It can be used for about 10-30 days in induction mode.

【Easy to Install】Our Cabinet Light built-in magnet, you can also stick it on any ironwork. no need tools, screws or nuts. You can stick-on anywhere you want it to be.

【Wide Applications】With portability and flexibility, this LED light is convenience for kitchen, counter, closet, cabinet, stairwell, hallway, basement, workshop, garage, etc.Not only can be a indoor motion sensor light or makeup light,but also can be a camping light outdoors.

Item type: Cabinet Lamp
Product weight: 130g/250g
Light color: White 6000K, warm white 3000K
Induction method: Human body induction
Induction distance: 2 meters
Delay time: 18 seconds
Power : 1.4W/3W
Lumen: 90Lm/W
Shell material:aluminium +PC
Charging time:2.5hours(20cm)/4.5 hours(40cm)
Lithium battery life:500 times Charge- Discharg
Use range: Wardrobe, cabinet, corridor, dark compartment, shoe cabinet, etc.

Cuboid cabinet light product introduction:
Name: LED night light
Color: white, warm white
Size: 210mm 14 LED / 320mm 20 LED
Power supply mode: USB charging
Switch: Inductive
Sensing distance: about 3-5m
Induction method: Human body induction
Sensing range: about 120 degrees
Charging indicator status: When charging, the indicator light is red, fully charged, and the indicator light will turn blue.
Use range: Wardrobe, cabinet, corridor, dark compartment, shoe cabinet, etc.

1. Three modes:
Light and motion sensor-this is a cyclic grinding wheel with the following modes:First press to enter the constant lighting mode;
Press the second time to enter the induction mode (the indicator flashes twice); press the third time to turn off.In sensing mode, the sensing range is 10 feet (3 meters) / 120 degrees, and it will turn off after 20 seconds.
2. Easy to install. There are built-in magnets on both sides of the lamp, which can be easily pasted on any iron surface. Take it easy. It also includes bonding the magnetic strip, aligning the magnetic strip with the magnet, and then sticking it to any other surface.
3. Energy saving. USB rechargeable, built-in battery. More durable. In sensing mode, it only works when the surrounding light is dark enough to detect movement. When the surrounding light is bright enough, it will remain off to save power.
4. Fast charging: about 2-4 hours to fully charge,
5. Long press to adjust the brightness to meet the brightness needs of different occasions;
6. Aluminum shell, matte texture, fast heat dissipation, beautiful and durable;
7. High-quality LED lamp beads, soft light, long-term use does not hurt the eyes.


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Night Light Led Light Under Cabinet Light 6
Night Light Led Light Under Cabinet Light