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Are you still struggling with your shoulders? With just one pair of shoulder pads you can easily solve the problems of high and low shoulders. narrow shoulders. round shoulders. collapsed shoulders. etc. and enhance your temperament. for both men and women!

Why choose this product?

  • Silicone texture. elastic. no deformation. comfortable new experience.
  • Soft and non-slip. light and non-sensitive. not easy to fall off. rounded shape fits the curvature of the shoulder.
  • No irritation. no adverse reactions. strong adhesion. long lasting and stable.

Main features of the shoulder pad

  • Size: length 12cm width 9cm
  • Thickness: 1cm thick in the middle
  • Colour: skin colour. black
  • Composition: outer layer (nylon 80%. spandex 20%) Viscose: (bio viscose)
  • Type:Outer layer with sponge/ without sponge

2 ways to attach

Horizontal or vertical:columns to broaden your shoulders and frame your shoulders. with a rounded silhouette that looks smooth under clothes.

How do I clean it?

  • 1. Wet the rubber surface with water first (reminder: remove the protective film and keep it).
  • 2. Using a shower gel or soap suds. clean the rubber surface in clockwise circular motions.
  • 3. Rinse well with water and apply the protective film.

Package includes: 1 pair * Naturally Soft Anti-Slip Shoulder Pads

Additional information


Black colour with sponge outer layer, Silicone skin colour, Silicone transparent, Skin colour with sponge outer layer


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Naturally Soft Anti-Slip Shoulder Pads