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Give your lovely tresses a growth boost and keep the bald spots at bay with this natural hair growth ginger spray!

This natural spray provides a non-greasy formula of ginger extracts that effectively increases hair growth and regrowth. It works significantly to stimulate the scalp’s blood circulation and deeply nourishes your locks while retaining its moisture. Providing you rapid hair growing. restoring damaged tresses and strengthening hair roots for a softer. thicker and voluminous silky strands. Ideal for those experiencing hair loss. severe hair thinning. receding hairline. balding and so on.

The amazing spray is enriched with a gentle and chemical-free ingredient that is safe to be used on oily. dry and balanced scalps. It does not cause any irritations. scalp sensitivity. burning feelings and allergic reactions. Simply spray it directly to your roots then massage it evenly for at least 2-3 minutes to fully absorb and done. No more expensive treatments and daily doctor’s check-ups anymore.

Struggling with hair loss? Try this natural hair growth ginger spray to keep them thick and healthy-looking!


  • Intensive Growth Spray
    A non-greasy ginger spray that stimulates each follicle root to promote natural hair growth and regrowth. It effectively boosts and improves the blood circulation from the scalp which encourages your locks to grow faster. This amazing spray also helps to increase and retain moisture for a stunning silky smooth shine all day long. Ideal for those experiencing baldness and severe hair loss because of incessant styling and ironing. diseases. stress. medications. anemia. thyroid problems and such.

  • Excellent Hair Nourishing
    This natural spray also works impressively to treat hair and keeps them healthy. It contains a polygonum multiflorum plant and ginger extract that thoroughly nourishes the scalp and locks and regulates the root’s oil. Keeping your hair from excessive drying. frizziness and damage that might cause hair falls and loss. Providing you a deep nutrition and a gentle hair care for softer. thicker and voluminous strands.

  • Strengthen Bristles
    The nourishing spray actively transmits essential nutritions to damaged hair follicles. It safely strengthens each strand and restores brittles. dried hair. thin hair and other damages for long-term. quick visible results. Preventing you from the troubles of constant hair loss. bald spots. hairline shift up. occasional hair thinning and scalp damages.

  • Easy to Use
    Simply spray a proper amount of formula directly through your scalp and roots or the thinning area. massage it evenly to fully absorb for at least 2-3 minutes. Repeat it every morning and evening consistently and you’ll see visible results in a week and a maximum of 4 weeks to fully vanish bald spots. Doubling up your hair growth rate and making it thicker and healthier than ever.

  • All-Natural Ingredients
    Enriched with natural and organic ingredients of ginger extracts with the right consistency and dosage of polygonum multiflorum. It does not contain any harmful substance to avoid any irritations. scalp sensitivity. burning feelings and allergic reactions. Furthermore. this hair spray is applicable for every scalp. including dry. oily and balanced ones. It ensures you a safe and effective hair growth treatment that is perfect for both men and women.


  • Ingredients: ginger extract. water. angelica extract. safflower extract. black sesame extract. methylparaben sodium hyaluronate
  • Net Weight: 20 ml


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Natural Hair Growth Ginger Spray