Nail Repair Serum Nail Fungal Treatment


Nail fungal infections are caused by fungi called dermatophytes. They live on the skin and in hair follicles. The most common type of nail fungal infection is tinea unguium (tongue nail). This type of infection usually occurs when people wear shoes for long periods of time.




Can quickly penetrate and kill deep fungal mutants

Only applicable to external products

Disinfect the wound from the wound by disinfecting the solution

How to use: After each application, apply the hand-washing, foot-washing and drying products directly to the affected area. Dry and repeat 2-3 times a day until the nails are long and healthy!


Scope of application: used to repair onychomycosis

Net content: 10/20/30/50ml

Shelf life: three years

Production date: in the near future

Ingredients: yellow vitex, white ringworm, bauhinia, cortex, nitric acid, miconazole, ketoconazole

Size: (approximately)

quantity: 1

The package includes:

1x repair fluid


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Nail Repair Serum Nail Fungal Treatment