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No need to wait forever to dry your nails using this mini nail curing egg lamp!

This nail beauty lamp features a UV and LED light source with 3 built-in beads that effortlessly cures your nail in just 30s. Allowing you to have a professional-like gel polish while saving you ample time for your other task. It releases a safe 365+405NM wavelength to ensure that it won’t cause any harm to your eyes. skin and fingernails. Simply situate your finger inside. gently press the middle button once for 45s and twice for 60 and wait for it to be done. The phototherapy lamp is suitable for hard gels. shellac. gem glue. sculpture gel. and so on.

The lamp offers a cute egg shaped design with a handy 180° opening that allows your finger to be inserted in various directions. It has a soft rubber padding for your comfort and is also spacious so it can fully cover both short and longer nails. Providing you a consistent. even nail curing. This nail device is light and compact which can be easily taken with you anytime. anywhere. What’s more? It comes with a universal USB interface and can be boosted up using your computers. laptops. power banks. phone chargers. and such.

Achieve a salon-worthy manicure at the comfort of your home with this mini nail curing egg lamp!


  • Quick-Drying Nail Beauty Light
    This mini phototherapy lamp comes with a built-in 3 light beads that effectively makes gel curing a breeze. Saving you ample time to do other tasks instead of constantly blowing your fingers or waiting for it to dry up using a fan. It also helps to strengthen your nails and allows you to have a flawless shimmering polish for days without chipping or fading. Suitable for all types of gel polish. including hard gels. shellac. gem glue. sculpture gel. and so on.
  • Practical Design
    The nail drying light features a convenient 180° opening so you can effortlessly insert a finger in any direction fully covered. Providing you more flexibility while ensuring that you have a quick and perfectly even nail curing. It has a soft rubber padding where you can comfortably rest your finger as you wait in a moment. Moreover. this lamp offers a steady bottom which can be used and situate onto any flat surface without budging.
  • Safe to Use
    It supplies a UV and LED dual-light source that efficiently releases a safe 365+405NM wavelength. It does not harm your eyes and skin or experience any tanning on your fingers even after continuous use. No worries as you won’t also feel any discomfort or hot burning feeling as it cures your nails. The drying lamp provides a 2-step button function so you can just simply place your finger. press once for 45 secs and twice for 60 secs. This device is constructed with high-quality PC and ABS materials with an exceptional durability and longevity.
  • Portable Egg Shape Lamp
    A light. compact sized nail curing lamp that is designed in a lovely egg shape. It can be easily carried and stored inside your backpacks. shoulder bags. duffels. suitcases and so on. Ideal for when you’re traveling or on vacation so you could always have a nail on fleek anytime. anywhere.
  • Universal Charging Interface
    This portable nail light is made with a universal USB interface that can be power boosted in a short amount of time. It can be connected to your computers. laptops. power banks. phone chargers. power supplies and such.
  • Material: PC. ABS
  • Color: White. Pink
  • Charging Type: USB
  • Size:
  • 1 x Mini Nail Curing Egg Lamp

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Pink, white


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Mini Nail Curing Egg Lamp