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Enjoy a revitalizing massage at the comfort of your own home with this paddle!
Meridian is an ancient treatment that boost energy flow by stimulating different pressure point of the body in order to promote better health.
Each of your body systems are connected to different pressure points on your body. By tapping on the corresponding points. you can enhance a better metabolic flow through micro-stimulations.
Witness observable results by tapping with this massage paddle for at least 3 times a week! Consistent massages can effectively reduce edemaand shape upyour body contours!
This meridian massage paddle let you remove the metabolic waste that is buried deep inside your body by bringing them up to the surface of your skin in a visible way!
Designed with soft beaded design. this paddle makes it easier to stimulate each and every one of the pressure points for each tap. The soft material enables a softer and more comfortable massage!
This paddle comes in a flexible. bendable structure for an easier soft tap. as well as a higher durability.
  • Dimensions: 23*4.8*3.4cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Color Options: Blue. Pink
  • (1PC set) 1* Meridian Massage Paddle
  • (2PCs set) 2* Meridian Massage Paddle

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Meridian Massage Paddle