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Made to Last and easy to use this Leather Crafts Hand Stitching Awl Kit.The package comes withtwo kinds of needles. which can meet your sewing needle needs. Needle islocked securelyonto the awl by the cap nut. They willnot come off or loosen while you stitch.

Thehand stitcher can stored inside awl handle for safe andsecure storage.It isPREMIUM QUALITY NEEDLESandMade from Surgical Grade Stainless Steel that areRUST FREE&BEND RESISTANT.

Designed tocomfortably fitin the palm of your hand while working. It islightweightandportable.TheGrip Handlesize is 4.25”. it is easy to carry.

This set will beessential assistantfor leather crafts. It is ideal forquick repairleather project. DIY craft. heavy fabric. and other stitched objects.

Overall Length –
– Not in Use (with the needles stored inside awl handle): 5.25 Inches
– In Use (with needle secured during use): 6.5 ~ 6.75 Inches depending on the type of needles
Diameter – 1.5 Inches
Grip Length – 4.25 Inches
Weight –95g
Material – Heavy Duty Steel Construction / Wooden Handle
Round Wax Thread Color: Black / White / Brown (apporx. 10M)
QUALITY PRODUCT: Extra Sharp Sewing NEEDLES are made from SURGICAL GRADE Stainless Steel that NEVER RUSTS / EXTRA STRONG. BRAIDED. TRIPLE STRAND THREADS (30-Lb Test) make it easier to sew through tough or dried out leather or fabric.

EXTRA STRONGBraided. Triple Strand Waxedthreads make it easier to sew through tough or dried out leather or fabric.

1 XLeather Sewing Awl Kit Hand Stitcher
1 X Wrench.
1 X Course Needle
1 X Fine Needle
1 X Black Flat Wax Thread
1 X Screwdriver

1 X Leather Crafts Hand Stitching Awl Kit Set

5PCS Black Wax Thread

5PCSWhite Wax Thread

5PCSBrown Wax Thread

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5PCS Black Wax Thread, 5PCS Brown Wax Thread, 5PCS White Wax Thread, Leather Hand Stitcher Set


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Leather Crafts Hand Stitching Awl Kit