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Get this for a full comfortable sleeping nights like one of our happy customers!


DAY 1:I am a female. who is 47 years of age with no medical conditions but beginning to have insomnia of late. And in results I have breakouts. I have some weeks of insomnia. but some weeks I sleep well. I have tried sleeping pills in the past but encountered some health problems and anxiety attacks after using them so I have switched to some natural and meditating ways now. I have smelled a great scent on this once I opened it and hoping this will be a great effect just based on other customers’ experiences.

DAY 4:
On the second day. I slept really well after applying this. I think thisLavender is great adn due to great sleeping. i can see my skin healing from the stress and sleepness nights. Smells EXACTLY like lavender. unlike another product I had that was more a lavender/perfume-ish smell. And it really helps me calm down and sleep well. I have calmed down my anxiety and for some reason. this doesn’t make me wake up in the night now!
DAY 7:
For the past several was a great sleeping routine for me and I believe this is one of the reasons why! I am so glad I ordered the lavender spray. My face and stress look are gone now!!I hoped it would help reducethe number of migraines in the future lol. The scent is restful and soothing. true. It’s supposed to help you get to sleep!

How does Lavender Better Sleep Essence Spray work?
Lavender oil contains monoterpenes like linalool and linalyl acetate. chemicals that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Studies on mice have shown that these compoundsinhibit several neurotransmitters and have a sedative and pain-relieving effect that hence. gives comfort during night and injuries. Theseare proven to “activate specific areas of the brain associated with pleasure and calmness.” Therefore. giving you comfortable and restful sleeping.
“Amongmanycomponents.lavender is perhaps the ingredient that has been studied the most and shown to be associated with favorable sleep outcomes.” says Tom Robbins. a perfumist. A 2012 review that evaluated eight studies concluded that lavender oil might have a small-to-moderate benefit for inducing sleep.

Triviaon good sleeping habits:


“The nights have been great sleep when I use this spray has decreased my eye bags thanks tono breakthrough periods of awakening!” – Tina H.

“It’s a nice scent and I did sleep well the second time I tried to use it. spraying vey lightly and I feel so fresh. As I was so pleased it reduces the flamming dark circles around my eyes!” – Shanley W.

“Purchased this after trying a sample from a friend and worked great. I have rest a full week in just a minimum sprays! Results to this. my skin makes a frersher glow and no breakouts!” – Heart Y.

“This I believe contains natural essential oils that is why it is really soothing and non-irritating! To my shock this healed my dark eyes due to lack of sleep! Certainly recommendI have cured my insomnia for the last 2 weeks of using this. ” – Victoria E.

“I love it at bedtime. Smells great. every morning I spray a couple of pumps between the pillow and pillowcase. and a few on the sheets. When I come home at night my bedroom has that day spa-like feel and my bed smells amazing. i just love now how my energy and physical appearance glow due to 8 ghrs. of full sleep!” – Roxanne W.


Helps Reduce Insomnia & Tiredness
Makes a pleasant and rest savior spray that will eliminate bad sleeping habits. restoring damaged toxins and restlessnessnights.
Reduces Eye Bags & Makes A Goodnight Rest
Easily sprayed directly onto your bed before you sleep. giving you comfortable. eyeb bag-less. and faster resting improvement.
Natural Scented Essential Lavender Spray
Proven to restore normal rest patterns with its soothing scent and non-irritating formula!


Content: 20 ml


1Bottle x Lavender Better Sleep Essence Spray

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Lavender Better Sleep Essence Spray