Large Size No Rims Breathable Support Bra



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The ideal bra for women with a big chest! Because of its softness. comfort. and smooth texture. it works so well!

Provides feather-like softness that would keep you comfortable as if you’re not wearing a bra!

Wearing it is very nice to the feeling because of its elastic design and smooth material. making it one of the most comfortable underwear to wear!

Never have to worry about your underwear getting unfastened because of its four brackets. Aside from its secure design. it also has four levels of size that will fit into your comfort!

Helps you to slim down your chest even without rims. which is especially useful when wearing clothing that fits well with a pushed-up chest!

Very thin design which helps in adding comfort and not irritating!

Material: Lace Fabric
Package Inclusion: Large Size No Rims Breathable Support Bra (x1)
Colors: Black. Smoke Blue. Beige/Red. Maroon/Peach

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Beige/Red, Black, Maroon/Peach, Smoke Blue


34/75B, 34/75C, 34/75D, 36/80B, 36/80C, 36/80D, 38/85B, 38/85C, 38/85D, 40/90B, 40/90C, 40/90D, 42/95C, 42/95D, 44/100C, 44/100D, 46/105C, 46/105D


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Large Size No Rims Breathable Support Bra