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Let’s Take A Look At Our Customer’s Results With Our Product:

Athena Smallsfrom Oakland. Californiashared with us her great results:

“I’ve struggled with having a fatty and swollen chin and it really takes away from my confidence. But thankfully after using this product. I can happily say thatthe excess fat and swelling on my chin is gone!I feel so much better about my appearance. thank you! “

Monique Kopf from Denver. Coloradoalso showed her experience with the product with us:

“I couldn’t believe how a simple pair of earring can help with losing weight! But this product proved that it can. I was losing additional weight during my weight loss journey when using it!It made losing weight so much easier and faster!Love it! “

What’s The Lymphatic System and What Does it Do?

The lymphatic system isa network of tissues. vessels and organsthat work together tomove a colorless. watery fluid called lymphback into your circulatory system (your bloodstream).

Your lymphatic system. part of your immune system. hasmany functions. They includeprotecting your body from illness-causing invaders. maintaining body fluid levels. absorbing digestive tract fats and removing cellular waste. blockages. diseases or infections can affect your lymphatic system’s function.

A Study Backed Approach to Improved Lymphatic Drainage With Magnetherapy!

Medical studieshave shown that the results of magnetherapy in 32 people indicatedsignificant decrease in swelling in the limbs.The reduction of the swelling contributed to the quality of life of each person involved in the test.

With further lab testing and examinations. they showed thatmagnetherapyas a treatmenthelped the lymphatic systemdecrease the deposition of fluid and adipose tissues. reduceswollen limb circumference. and improved circulation and protein delivery. Researchers believe that it’sthe best alternative monotherapy treatment methodor as a conservative surgical procedure for lymphedema.

It’s concluded thatmagnetherapy is incredibly effectiveand can helpresolve inflammation and blockagesin circulation in a short amount of time. Tests have been made where people wore the magnetic earrings and immediately saw great improvement in their feeling.

What MakesIvoriz Pearl Elegant Lymphvitic Magnetisch Earrings The Perfect Choice?

Resolves Lymphatic ProblemsTreats Swollen Limbs
Eliminates Body Toxins
Promotes BetterBlood Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage
Helps Burn Fat and Improve Weight Loss
Makes Use of Highly Effective Magnetherapy
Improves Overall Health and Quality of Life

Magnetherapy: How It Improves Overall Circulation

Because of howmagnetherapy promotes healthy blood circulationand improves the capabilities of the lymphatic system. ittranslates tobetter lymphatic drainagewhich means excess fluids. toxins. and fat can be flushed out more easily out of your body.promoting weight loss and relief.

It also helpsregulate your lymphatic system. making sure that it doesn’t get clogged up and remains functioning perfectly. resolving swollen lymph nodes instantly.

Ear Acupuncture Points and How it Helps with Weight Loss

Auricular Therapy or Auricular Acupuncture is a practice in traditional medicineused for thousands of years.It’s a method oftargeting special pressure poitsall over the body to stimulate different effects thatprovide healing and reliefto different parts of the body. organs. nerves. and muscles.

Acupuncture is also anincredible tool that aids in weight loss.It effectivelyregulates the body metabolismfor a balanced life. It reduces cravings and appetite while improving digestion and relieving stress. When these parts of your life are in balance it allows for lower cortisol levels. balanced hormones. and reduces excess fluid retention and bloating.making it easier tomaintain a healthy life and weight.

How Do Onyx Stones Help the Lymphatic System?

Onyx stones are believed to haveimmense powerful vibrationsthat provide protection. focus. strength. and will.It offers motivation and energythat can help you push yourself harder in life. It also possesses relief for ear aches and believers of the stone say it evengives you improved hearing.

Additionally Onyx stones are alsobelieved to tone the skin. eyes. hair. legs. and pancreaswhile providingpositive effectsto all our organs. tissues. and circulatory systems. It alsogreatlyenhances body metabolismwhich engages fat burn and boosts weight loss while suppressing cravings and bad food choices.

Our customer Ellie shared with us how our product worked wonders for her! Here’s her story:

I’ve always had a hard time losing weight. The excess fat I have has made my legs swell and hurt a lot. Butthanks to this product. I finally have another chance in lifeto be at healthy weight and live healthier. Here’s how it helped me.

“I started using the Ivoriz Pearl Elegant Lymphvitic Magnetisch Earrings on 02/03/22 and on02/10/22I alreadyobserved some minor improvements!While it’s not anything significant. it still helped me with pain and swelling a little. Because of that I decided to continue using it.”

“By03/17/22I made significant progress!I lost so much weight. the swelling is almost gone. and I don’t feel pain in my legs anymore.I’m starting to like how I look in the mirror! Out of curiosity. I kept using the earring some more to see if it can help me lose even more weight.”

“Finally.on04/28/22I finally reached my goal weightand I couldn’t believe it! This product has changed my life for the better and I can’t thank you enough for making such an amazing product. No more pain. no more swelling. and no more excess weight. I love it!”


  • Variants: 1 pair. 2 pairs. 3 pairs
  • Dimension: 1cm (Diameter)

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