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Relieve Itching From Prickly Heat Rash!

Prickly heat is a heat rash that can develop when sweat gets trapped in the skin and causes inflammation and itching. This powder is the answer.

A dusting of the Heat Rash Repair Powder can absorb sweat and help the rash heal faster. A powder for men and women.

Relieves Itching

  • Can be used in your sensitive private parts to gently soothe and relieve itching caused by rashes.

      Quickly Absorb Moisture

      • Can absorb sweat instantly and help heal rashes faster to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable all day.

      Safe For All Types of Skin

      • The naturally derived cornstarch powder is clinically proven mild and gentleespecially delicate skin.

      Natural Plant Formula

      • Contains plant formula with high quality natural corn flour. natural vitamins and mint extract to keep you feeling comfortable and refreshing.

      Simple to Use

      • Step 1: Open the body powder
      • Step 2: Take out the puff and open the seal plastic bag
      • Step 3: Use puff to stick appropriate amount of powder.
      • Step 4: Apply the body powder evenly on the skin.


      Net content: 100g
      Style: For Women (Pink). For Men (Green)


      1 x Heat Rash Repair Powder

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      For Men (Green), For Women (Pink)


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      Heat Rash Repair Powder