HANGON Bone Conduction Non-Slip Earphones



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Take wireless calls and music experience up a level with this bone conduction earphones!
HANGON are your newest way to enjoy music anywhere freely without stuffing them inside your ears! They are widely compatible to music players. smartphones. tablets. desktop computers. and laptops!
HANGON is built for optimal performance. With enhanced waterproof and sweat-resisting wear. you can listen to musics and calls even during water activities and high intensity sports!
Equipped with advanced microchip. the HANGON earphones provides you with superior audio quality and an uninterrupted musical enjoyment using background noise-cancelling soundwave tech.
By delivering the sounds directly through your bones. the HANGON can reduce any negative effects cause to the aural system while enabling you to indulge in musical enjoyment!
HANGON is your everyday essential to provide you handsfree wireless music and calls in one simple touch!
How To Use:
  • Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging Time: 30 minutes
  • Playing Time: 4 Hours once fully charged
  • Dimensions: 71*38*6mm
  • Color Options: Black. White. Silver. Gold. Red
  • 1* HANGON Bone Conduction Non-Slip Earphones (1 Side Only)

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Black, GOLD, Red, SILVER


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HANGON Bone Conduction Non-Slip Earphones