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Powerfully cleans out the fork seals in just a snap.

Every motorcycle owner knows the hassle of having a dirty and leaky fork seals. that is why we are proud to offer a tool that can make their lives easier and more convenient. Introducing the Handy Motorcycle Fork Cleaner.

Handy Motorcycle Fork Cleaner is a FUNCTIONAL TOOL that is SPECIALLY MADE to DEEPLY CLEAN that FORK SEALS EASILY and QUICKLY and PREVENT DIRT BUILD UP to PROTECT YOUR MOTORCYLES from having MAJOR BREAKAGE. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY ABS material making it SUPER STURDY and DURABLE. It is WATER-RERSISTANT making it even HANDIER for your bike parts as it will NOT CAUSE a STAIN or RUST BUILD UP.

Handy Motorcycle Fork Cleaner can EFFECTIVELY FIT to ALL MOTORCYCLE FORKS from 45mm to 55mm. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE making it VERY CONVENIENT to ANY RIDERS. It is VERY EASY to USE just SNAP it on your FORK TUBE and INSERT it into the LEAKY SEAL and TWIST. It is GUARANTEED that it is DESIGNED to MAINTAIN the PROPER POSITION and ANGLE as you rotate around your fork tube and PULLS OUT the DIRT OUT rather than PUSHING it DEEP. It has a PROTECTIVE HOLDER for a MORE CONVENIENT and SAFER STORAGE.

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Handy Motorcycle Fork Cleaner