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Having a hard time cleaning the gap on your tiles? Worry no more as we introduce you the HANDY GAP CLEANING BRUSH.

Handy Gap Cleaning Brush is a MIGHTY CLEANER BRUSH that is DESIGNED to EFFECTIVELY and EFFORTLESSLY CLEANS UP the GAPS of the TILES on your home. It is made of PREMIUM PP material making it STURDY and DURABLE.

It has a SLENDER BRISTLES that can GO DEEPLY into the GAPS that ordinary brushes can’t reach. It has an ERGONOMIC HANDLE that ALLOWS a COMFORTABLE GRIP nad GENTLE to the HANDS.

Handy Gap Cleaning Brush is IDEAL for Grout. Tile Joint. Shower. Kitchen. Toilet Bowls. and even Window Tracks. It is COMPACT and LIGHTWEIGHT. It comes in DIFFERENT COLORS: Red. Green. and Blue. It is SUITABLE with ALL CLEANING DETERGENTS. The BRUSH is GURANTEED GENTLE to ANY SURFACE and will NOT CAUSE HARM to your HOME CLEANING.

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1 x Handy Gap Cleaning Brush

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Blue, Green, Red


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