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Train to regain your feminine power wherever you go!
Say goodbye to problems relating to pelvic muscle anomalies!
Our crystal eggs help train up the contracting strength and flexibility of your pelvic floor muscles and give you more control over your body!
Simply insert the crystal egg into your feminine premise and carry on with your daily activities for a discreet training wherever you go! Several minutes a day goes a long way!
Our selected premium rose quartz helps channel your sexual energy by balancing the natural equilibrium of your sacral chakra for a better feminine wellbeing!
Our crystal egg help bring you a gentle grounded sensation and keep you pampered and awareof your womb space. your feminine centre!
Consistent use of our crystal egg can resensitize the vaginal tissue and awake the erogenous zones like the g-spot. cervix. a-spot and p-spot. enhancing the orgasmic experience for you and your partner!
The micro-magnetism of our crystal eggs helps with physical and emotional healing at your own pace. Tap in to the loving. gentle. tender feminine self!
Our crystal eggs work for all women!
  1. Clean the egg using soap and warm waterbefore use to ensure thorough hygiene
  2. Once the eggis sterilised. insert it inside your vagina gently. starting from the larger end
  3. Carry on with yourday or perform Kegel exercises with the egg inserted
  4. Wash it the same way as you did before use after you are done with it and dry well
  5. Start with beginner’s size if you have never tried it before; proceed to the next level when youhave mastered beginner level.

  • Materials: Rose Quartz

    • Crystal Rod Only (Eggs Not Included)
      • 1*Crystal Rod
    • Full Exercise Set (All 3 Eggs and 1 Rod Included)
      • 1* Crystal Rod
      • 3* Crystal Eggs

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    Crystal Rod Only (Eggs Not Included), Full Exercise Set (All 3 Eggs and 1 Rod Included)


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    Feminine Exercising Crystal Egg