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“This Eye Delight Boost Serum is the most soothing ever. and it really does plump up sunken areas. relieves lines. feels great on puffy lids. stressed skin. It is very rich compared to some serums that are seemed to be runny. and watery.”

Meganne Suga – Colorado. Denver

“If you have bags under your eyes. crow’s feet. dark circles. or dry skin around your eyes – I HIGHLY recommend this Eye Delight Boost Serumproduct. I’m glad I have taken before and after pics. because my eyes look SO MUCH BETTER. I have naturally dark circles (Mom’s side of the fam) & I was starting to get bags/wrinkles under my eyes. I’ve been using this stuff for a little over a week & it has changed my life!! I absolutely love it.”

Kathy Glace -King County. Washington

Consistof 2 Key Ingredient For Eye Delight:

  1. Sodium Hyaluronate
  2. Oligopeptide

Sodium hyaluronate is hydrophilic. meaning it easily mixes with water. When applied topically. it attracts moisture in skin cells. This reduces dryness and flaking by increasing skin hydration. Compared to high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. sodium hyaluronate can provide a greater hydrating effect. Studies have shown that Oligopeptides in skincare do indeed cause an increase in proteins like collagen and help improve the appearance of fine lines. wrinkling and help to improve volume and plumpness of the skin.

Eye Delight Boost Serum is your ultimate solution to fight all eye-area problems. including dark circles. wrinkles. under eye bags. puffy eyes and the look of eye fatigue. A rejuvenating treatment that brightens. firms. hydrates. lifts. and tightens the delicate skin around your eye area. With its improved applicator. the serum can be applied easily and visible results are shown shortly after usage. It plumps. smooths fine lines and lifts sagging skin. Contains a variety of plant essential oils to provide you the necessary nutrients to soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


  • Quick and visible results.
  • The serum quickly corrects dark circles for a brighter. more even look.
  • Restore and rejuvenate.
  • Moisturize and hydrate dry under eye skin while fighting signs of aging.
  • Lighten and protect.
  • Revitalizes your skin around your eyes which makes it more bright.
  • Safe natural ingredients.

      This is my trip with this Eye Delight Boost Serum in a week

      Day 1
      This product is easy to use. But it is too early to see if results are as anticipated. I felt very refreshing and cooling using Eye Delight Boost Serum. So I was even more interest using it. I hope it work!
      Day 3
      After3 days I have noticed alot of difference in under-eye circles or wrinkles. My dry undereye skin are moisturize and hydrated. I’m happy that it works well on me and the result is fast and visible.
      Day 7
      It’s been a week that I used Eye Delight Boost Serum. It rejuvenates my skin around the eyes and increases their brightness. Yes it amazing that there is product like this that will change your life totally. This is the best product I’ve ever used.

      How to Use

      1. Remove the cover at the eye cream seal.
      2. Cut the sealing plug. remove the protective sleeve.
      3. Press the piston forward and squeeze the eye cream to apply.
      4. After each use. Plug the back of the sealing plug.

      Ingredients: Made with Hypoallergenic. sensitive-skin-safe ingredients. No fillers. harmful fragrances. dyes or parabens. Sodium Hyaluronate. Physcomitrella and Oligopeptide.

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      Eye Delight Boost Serum

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