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Now you can engrave several times faster and easier while creatinga pro-like engravingresult with minimal efforts. introducing the all-newEngraver Pro Wood Engraving Set!The Engraver Pro Wood Engraving Set runs in a25.000 high-speedvibration per minute which allows you to conveniently carve in most types of surfaces. such as wood. marbles. stones. and more!
Create artistic and meticulous DIY designs easily. for it comes with 5varieties ofchisel bit. which guarantees to meet your different engraving needs!


Faster & Efficient
With theEngraver Pro Wood Engraving Set you can engrave 3-5 x faster than manual labor. saving you a lot of energy.

Micro Vibration
Produces ultra-high-speed micro-vibrationsafter touching the wood whichmakes sculpting easier and faster as itprovides you with added force as you push through the wood.

Flexible Shaft
It comes with a long and flexible shaft which makes iteasier to maneuver as you sculpt through and around large materials.

5 Replaceable Chisel Bits
It comes with a variety of Bits. that guarantees to meet your different engraving needs.

Wide Variety of Usage
Suitable for wood. ebony. soft plastic. Perfect for carving furniture. antique floor carving. potted plants. toys. animal figurines. and other DIY shapes.

Easy to Use
No complicated set-up needed!Simply lock in the chisel on the chuck attachment. attach it onto the end of the shaft. then fix the other end on the electric drill. turn on. and then start sculpting or carving!


  • Material: plastic + alloy
  • Chisel: 15.5*3cm/6.1*1.18″
  • Wrench length: 9cm/3.54″
  • Carving knife length: 4.5-4.7cm/1.77-1.85
  • Color: Yellow + Black
  • Hose length: Approx. 1m/39.3in


  • EngraverPro Wood Engraving Set

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Electric woodworking chisel + 5 bits + wrench, Rubber flexible shaft +electric woodworking chisel + 5 bit + wrench


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EngraverPro Wood Engraving Set