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The acupuncture pen brings all the great benefits of acupuncture therapy while leaving out all the sharp needles usually needed for acupuncture. This battery operated device uses electrical pulses to provide relief from stress, muscle and joint pains.


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The acupuncture pen brings all the health benefits of acupuncture therapy while leaving out all the sharp needles usually needed for acupuncture.

If you are a well read health and beauty hobbyist, then you would know about acupuncture, the alternative medicine that is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Believed to have originated around 100 BC in China, over the centuries the practice of its methods has spread from that region to the rest of the Asian continent and eventually the world. Its practitioners believe that it provides relief from aches and pains but can also be used to treat many other ailments.

Q: Can I use it for myself only? or can I use it for others?
A: Yes, you can, when you help others use it, put one hand on the user’s body and hold the pen with the other hand, which will form a current return.
Q: Is it made by plastic material?
A: The head is metal, and the shell and tail cover are plastic.
Q: Is this product rechargeable or does it used by battery?
A: The product in this link needs to use an AA battery(not included)
Q: What language for the user manual & acupoint map?
A: There will be English User Manual & acupoint map in the package. If you need them in other languages, please contact us and we will send them to you.
Q: Why do I feel sting when using the pen?
A: Treatment principle of Electronic Acupuncture Pen is used electrical pulses to to stimulate acupuncture points then to activate cell and dredging the channel, while there is a condition to generate the electrical pulse, that is, current’s positive and negative poles must be turned on. The pen is a monopole current(the nib) output, so the other pole current should be conducted by hands and form circumfluence with the nid of the Electronic Acupuncture Pen, so that it will produce electrical pulses. So it is normal to feel a little numbness of the holding hand, it is how the meridian pen works, not quality problem.
If you are still not used to the feeling of electric numbness on your hand, the solution is: use the whole hand to hold the meridian pen tightly, so the feeling will be much weaker, and some will not feel the electric numbness.
***like “Electric leakage, Electric numbness, Electrical Stimulation” of Electronic Acupuncture Pen” is not a quality problem, but its treatment principle.
Q: How to find the accpoint point?
A: Many people worry about not being able to find acupuncture points. Don’t worry, because the magnetic therapy pen uses magnetism and does not need to penetrate into the body. The range of its magnetic field is about 3cm, so the requirements for acupoints do not need to be precise. As long as the pain point is found, it is the effective point.
Use 1-2 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time, 10 days as a course of treatment.
Q: Why do I feel a strong or weak current?
A: In the current return process, depending on the size of the hands’ resistance value, the strength you feel will be a little different. Some people would feel more strong and some will feel weak. Young people or health people will feel a little stronger. Elderly or in poor health people will feel weak.
Also when the pen is on the correct acupoint, the feeling in the hand will be weaker, if not, the feeling on the hand will be stronger

1.The essence of Chinese medicine, health promotion;
2.Fusion of modern biotechnology;
3.Without piercing the skin to do acupuncture;
4.Simple operation, easy to carry;
5.Safe and effective, with no side effects;
6.Automically search the acupuncture,it will not work if not find the acupuncture and if meridian obstruction;
7.Transient pulse;
8.Accurate physical therapy;
9. Three types of heads for choose;
10.Affordable family use.

Effective for:
1.Acute and chronic physical pain
4. Osteoporosis
8.Sports injuries
9.Muscle & joint pains
10.Back pain

3 Big Functions:
1. Physiotherapy function
The acupuncture device will stimulate the feeling of vibration on the epidermis, and the feeling will be stronger when encountering acupuncture points, you will feel relaxed and comfortable after use immediatly. This is the physiological stimulation produced by the corresponding cell groups in the human body. Adjust the body’s absorption, conduction balance, metabolism and other functions to achieve the purpose of health care.
2. Through the meridians
Meridians are the path of qi and blood in the human body, joints are the key, and the whole body is relaxed when massaging the joints. The joints of the human body are places where physiological waste, dampness, silt, heat, poison, etc. are easily deposited and blocked. Why is the human body always suffering from rheumatism in the joints? For this reason, using the energy meridian pen on the human body + the original point of the two meridians, and insisting on massaging for 10 minutes every day for a long time, can remove various impurities deposited in the meridians and block the deep accumulation of the joints.
3. Adjust the immune and nervous system functions of the body
Modern medicine believes that the occurrence, development and recovery of diseases have a great relationship with the body’s ability to resist disease, that is, immune function. It can enhance the disease resistance function of normal people, and can be used for those with abnormal functions caused by various reasons to return to normal. In addition, it can prevent And adjust the cardiovascular meridian system.

3 IN 1 Laser Acupuncture Massage Pen:
1) Laser type: Stronger when used, good results;
2) Massage type: Large contact area, softer to use;
3) Acupoint type: Convenient for clicking on acupuncture points in various parts, especially suitable for holographic acupoints.

Product Name: Meridian Energy Massage Pen
Voltage: DC1.5V (AA battery, not included)
Output: 3.7v; 300mA+ /50mA
Pulse Frequency: 0.01-300Hz
Pulse Width: 100uS-320uS
Output amplitude: 500ohm; load voltage 3.3V

Packaging List:
1 x Meridian Energy Pen
1 x Spheroidal Type Head
1 x Dome Type Head
1 x English User Manual & Acupoint Map


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Electric Acupuncture Point Massage Pen Pain Relief Laser