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Easily cut all your pipes & tubes precisely with no hacksaw needed!Featuring groove roller on our pipe cutter. instantly twist your pipes to makeneat cuts on copper. aluminum. steel & plastic surface no matter big. small or thin wall tubing!Scraper effectively removes burrs after cutting. Large ridged knob lets you hold the pipe in place without slip. It’s the must-have tool you need for home & repair right now.


  • Easy Round Pipe Cut!
    Quickly execute clean cuts on different tubes. No more hacksaw is needed!
  • On Copper. Aluminum. Steel & Plastic!
    Your must-have pipe cutter for home repair. plumbers. electricians. and vehicle mechanics work
  • Large Cutting Capacity
    Groove rollerseffectively cut all your small. big & thin wall tubes from 3-28mm / 0.12” – 1.1”
  • Scraper Removes Burr
    Easily removes burrs after cutting & avoid scratching
  • Precise Twist Knob
    Large ridged knob lets you hold pipe in place for precise adjustment of cutting pressure
  • Comfortable Grip
    Feature 2 flare groove rollers & solid ergonomic knob for firm & non-slip grip
  • Sharp Durable Blade
    Extra hardened steel blade cuts your pipes neat & in a straight line. Anti-rust coating lets you use continuously for 10 years


  • Cutting Capacity: 3 – 28mm / 1/8” – 1 1/8”
  • Length: 13cm / 5.12”
  • Color: Red


  • 1 x EasyTwist Pipe Cutter

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EasyTwist Pipe Cutter