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No need to peel your juicy oranges with your bare hands anymore with this easy-open orange peeler!

This handy fruit peeler features a sharp bottom and a pointed end that can easily cut and remove the fruit skin. Designed with a ring-like handle that fits perfectly onto any finger sizes so you can hold stably and control the peeler with ease. Allowing you to enjoy your fresh oranges without the need to strain your hands from peeling and leaving it annoyingly sticky. No worries as this innovative tool is not sharp enough to cut or injure your fingers. Making it safe to be used by kids. teens and adults.

This handy peeler is not only for oranges. but it is also suitable for peeling other fruits. Perfect for mandarin oranges. lemons. pomelos. grapefruits. limes. pomegranate. dragon fruits and more possibilities. It is constructed with non-toxic stainless steel material that is safe to come into contact with any food. Furthermore. the orange peeler is extremely durable so it won’t bend or break easily even after continuous hard peeling of fruit.

No more stuck up orange peels under your nails using this easy-open orange peeler!


  • Easy and Safe Peeling
    This peeler is specifically designed to easily cut through orange skins and remove it without the need to dig your fingers. Allowing you to peel your delicious fruit in a breeze while keeping your hands free from the sticky mess. Simply hold the peeler on its ring handle. slice onto the orange skin. use the pointed end to peel off and you can now enjoy your snack.

  • Ergonomic Design
    The orange peeler is lightweight and it has a large ring-like handle that can fit perfectly onto any finger sizes. Providing you a comfortable non-slip gripping for easy maneuverability and storing after use. It features a proper depth and sharpness that can smoothly slice and peel onto your fruit. but not sharp enough to cut through fingers. Making it an ideal kitchen utensil that can be used by adults. teens and even kids.

  • Wide Application
    This handy citrus peeler is not only applicable for your juicy oranges. but it can be used for other fruits as well. Suitable for mandarin oranges. lemons. pomelos. grapefruits. limes. pomegranate. dragon fruits and more possibilities.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality. food-grade stainless steel with smooth edges to ensure safety and comfortability. It also offers great durability and rust-proof performance which allows it to be used continuously for longer years without deforming. Your perfect partner to peel off your fresh fruit without getting your hands dirty.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 2 x 6 cm
  • 1 xEasy-open Fruit Peeler

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Easy-open Fruit Peeler