DIY Resin Ball Pen Mold with 25 Free Refills



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DIY Resin Ball Pen Mold With 25 Free Refills
Have fun with your DIY projects! You may create a unique ball pen resin that encourages imagination and creativity. Color. pattern. glitter. and sequins are just some of the personalization options available with the Ball Pen Mold. It comes in three colors: red refills. blue refills. and black refills. Show off your one-of-a-kind charm and handcrafted quality.

Students can use the finished works created by our Ball Pen Mold in their schools or at home for writing. as well as for the professionals. It’s also a wonderful present for family. friends. or anyone who enjoys handicrafts. It can be used as a gift for a birthday. Christmas. Valentine’s Day. or New Year.

All you have to do is twist the molds and you’ll have your design in no time. Our resin ball pen has a smooth inside.
After the resin has fully dried. the mold is simple to demolish. with no sticky residue.
There is no need for additional cutting and polishing.

Product Name: DIY Resin Ball Pen Mold with 25 Free Refills

Product Category: Silicone Mold
Material: Silicone
Round Shape Mold: 6.2 inches
Cylinder Shape Mold: 5.8 inches
Pencil Shape Mold: 5.8 inches
Pen Refills: 5.5 inches

Package including:

3 types of mold + 25 Free Refills

Additional information

Refills Color

Black, Blue, Red


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DIY Resin Ball Pen Mold with 25 Free Refills