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HEY BURGER LOVERS! Make big. fat. juicy. and delicious burgers at home with this DIY Burger Patty Maker! Stuff burgers with whatever toppings or mix you love.


  • Perfect burger just the way you want it. anytime.
  • No more messy. unshapely hand-made patties! This tool makes consistently stuffed. shaped. customized patties in just a few steps. Makes it easier than ever to make delicious stuffed burgers every time.

  • Fast and easy.
  • Just add your ingredients and press. stuff press and you’re ready to cook. The nonstick bottom of the mold pops out so you can remove your perfectly round. bun size burgers with ease and without the mess.

  • Restaurant-style burgers.
  • Makes a perfectly sized burger for standard buns. A fun way to be creative with new ingredients Makes restaurant-style sliders and burger patties up to lb.
  • Quicker and less messy.
  • Compared to the traditional way of stuffing or pressing burgers by hand. this is way faster and less messy. In a few quick steps. you can have a customized stuffed burger ready to grill for friends and family. Easy clean-up.


  • Forms an 8 oz burger patty
  • Measures 4.75 inches x 6 inches.


    • 1 x DIY Burger Meat Maker

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    DIY Burger Patty Maker